Schwartz Glass and Rose-Mary Faulkner

Rob and Rose-Mary are glass artists who work from their shared home studio and the Canberra Glassworks. They met while studying at the Australian National University School of Art – Rose-Mary doing her undergraduate and Rob an overseas student from America studying his masters. 

Rob of Schwartz Glass's work primarily focuses on glass blowing production, making functional objects with refined forms and striking colours. He is drawn to the versatility of glass as a material and the process of perfecting skills and forms through repetition of making production work. 

Over the past few years he has been developing his production range, including the popular Oil and Vinegar Silo bottles and the Over and Under Platter, launched at the 2019 Undercurrent market. Both pieces are designed to be used with ease within the home while also standing apart from other household objects with their unique form. 

Rose-Mary primarily works on kilnformed pieces, but dapples in the hotshop, blowing posie vases for gathering blooms into the home. Her work primarily incorporates decal imagery on glass or enamel with engraved imagery and line. Her jewellery range reuses remaining glass and decals from larger exhibition works to reduce the material waste of her practice. She is currently developing newer functional objects that incorporate illustrative line work. 

In addition to their own practices, Rob and Rose-Mary assist other local and international artists with their making and teaching, and teach beginner classes in both hotshop and kilnforming at Canberra Glassworks. Both Rob and Rose-Mary make smaller production work and larger exhibition works for galleries.

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