Meet Our Designers: Honey & Glow

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Trove’s Designers and Artists from the Canberra region and all their gorgeous products are handmade.

Please meet Erin from Honey and Glow. She and her partner, Marty, are beekeepers, permaculture farm builders and wanna-be homesteaders from the outskirts of Canberra. Every one of their products is crafted by them, with the intention of showcasing the natural beauty and goodness of Australian beeswax and raw honey.Honey & Glow logo

Honey & Glow’s range of products feature raw honey and Australian beeswax – from jars of honey to beeswax candles, three nourishing balms and a newly introduced range of handmade soaps. Erin says “Honey & Glow fits so well with the life we’re building for ourselves, keeping with the all-natural, zero nasties theme.”

“My products help people in some way. Whether burning my candles stops hayfever and allergy symptoms, my lip balm sorts out chapped lips, the Body Balm sorts out eczema or the honey helps bring a wholesome, healthy product into people’s pantries. My products aren’t groundbreaking, but each of them offer a much better HOney & Glow ingredientsalternative than the commercially available, mass-produced, chemical filled versions. Our products are sustainable, no-tox, hand made, 100% natural and all of our packing is recyclable and/or reusable.
They are simple products, with the least number of ingredients possible.
Just the way they should be.

See Erin and Marty in their very necessary bee suits getting beeswaxHoney & Glow bee suits and honey straight from the hive! Look at the fresh honeycomb; the white on top of the honey is wax, called capping wax, that the bees use to seal the honeycomb cells once the water content of the honey has evaporated to 17-18%. This makes sure that the honey ferments in the comb, and will keep forever!! Very clever bees!
Now you really want to come into Trove to takes some of this incredible Honey and Glow goodness home to your family. See Honey & Glow’s 
 Designer Profile page here.

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