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Trove’s Designers and Artists from the Canberra region and all their gorgeous products are handmade.

JAC Studios Profile Meet our Designers

Please meet Jessica – she is the face of JAC studios and one of the founding members of Trove Canberra. An interior designer by trade, she loves new and unique design.JAC Studios product 1
Jess creates jewellery that is distinctive and sustainable. Divinely demonstrated with her reclaimed spoon and resin pendants. She recently added an exclusive and popular line of fashionable jewellery featuring concrete, metallic resin and stainless steel.

We asked her what she loves about Canberra. “Canberra is a wonderful place to be a maker. It is just the right size to immerse yourself in the community of other designers and lovers of handmade.”
We couldn’t agree more. Jessica makes a stylish and impactful contribution to the community.
“I love to make, create, construct and problem solve. I also relish in taking materials intended for one purpose and transforming them into something completely different. There are many steps involved in creating resin and/or concrete jewellery and decorative items. I design each piece, mix and pour the resin or concrete, perhaps including a colour or metal flakes and then each piece is hand-sanded, polished and assembled.”
That is a lot of work! The results speak for themselves.
Stock up on JAC Studios jewellery at Trove and look forward to the JAC Studio logonext innovative designs from Jessica.

Please learn more about JAC Studios on the  Designer profile page.




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