Meet Our Designers: Acorn Craft

Meet Our Designers is a regular feature. Each week one of Trove’s members is featured on our social media and here on our news pages. Follow Trove on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to stay up-to-date.

Trove’s Designers and Artists are local Canberrans and all their gorgeous products are handmade.

Please meet Geoff from Acorn Craft. He designs, carves, whittles and creates fabulous wooden pieces from Australian native woods. Geoff began making things when he was a young boy.  He explains that living in post-war Australia taught you to be resourceful. If you wanted a toy you made it! He eventually purchased a lathe and began turning bowls, cups, buttons, rolling pins and candle holders as well as pocket knife holders for friends and family.

“I love whittling (I could do this for hours, its very relaxing) I have made hundreds of chains in all different types of wood. I retired in 2010, my shed and woodwork keep me busy. “

We asked Geoff what he likes about Canberra: “All my children and 7 grandchildren are here. I enjoy the lifestyle. It has all the services we need even if it is a bit cold. We have a bush block near Cooma. We call it ‘The Block’. I love spending time up there just being with nature. I love camping in the Australian bush, maybe that’s why I love trees and timber so much it connects me with the bush.”

You can smell the Australian bush in Geoff’s pieces!

Geoff tells us that he never envisioned making things to sell. “I just love making them for the pure joy of it. The design process is a challenge and the making process is fun and relaxing. Some designs can be a puzzle to solve – like the link necklace. I love seeing the end product and to have my handmade products enjoyed by friends and family gives me a good feeling.”
And that, my friends, is exactly why we all love handmade products made with that kind of passion and love.

Come on in to Trove to take home your own piece of Acorn Craft’s lovely Australian wood. Read more on Acorn Craft’s Designer profile.

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