Meet Our Designers: ATP Creative Design

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Trove’s Designers and Artists from the Canberra region and all their gorgeous products are handmade.

Please meet Sharon from ATP Creative Design. There is a great story here. Sharon is passionate about creativity, organization and design. She is known by her family and friends for saying things are ‘peachy’.  Whatever the question, ‘peachy’ is the perfect answer as it can mean so many things; happy, sarcastic, fed-up, etc… Prior to establishing ATP Creative Design, Sharon had a blog called All Things Peachy. It was natural to follow through the name to the new venture – ATP represents, All Things Peachy. You will also notice the teepee in the company logo – another reference to ATP (a teepee).

We asked her what she likes about Canberra:

“It’s home! I’m really excited to see Canberra becoming one of the country’s best destinations for art, design, fashion and food & wine. We also have such a fantastic range of talented creatives in our region who are supporting our handmade industry.”

We agree Sharon, the creative industries do seem to be booming, and you are living proof!
The business started with calendars and weekly planners but has since grown to include meal planners, noticeboards, multi planners, term planners, reward charts and more. Sharon gets great satisfaction from helping customers tackle their organisation challenges and loves to hear how her products help busy families.

Come in to Trove to help you organize your busy life with ATP Creative Design. Learn more on ATP Creative Design’s Designer Profile Page.


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