Meet Our Designers: Diilhami

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Trove’s Designers and Artists from the Canberra region and all their gorgeous products are handmade.

Dilhami Profile Picture

Please meet  Alli of Diilhami – soul-splashing art and inspiration:
Hi I’m Alli, an intuitive abstract artist. My art is called Diilhami. Art moves me so profoundly. Both in the creation of my own artworks and in juxtaposing it against the artwork of others. I love to question myself and my reality with art, but also to find peace and hope in my daily existence. I started my art journey three years ago, with a small collection of secondhand canvases, which I bravely painted over as an experiment; to find myself, to dive in, to just be. The process thrilled me so deeply that I continued; finding a new way to live and answer the questions held inside me for so long. Answers in a language not spoken; colours, lines, textures, images… my internal world, my earth through my eyes.

We asked her what she likes about Handmade products. Her answer sums it up so beautifully, we’re giving you a direct quote:

“There is something so deeply authentic and precious about personal, creative expression in the middle of a world inundated with plastic products made in China. The human soul craves the real, the authentic, the experience that will touch them to their core. A lot in our fast and impersonal world does not satisfy this deep need. Handmade products engender a little piece of the maker. A fluttering touch of the soul is given as a gift to the buyer, the receiver. How precious is that! Not fake, not plastic, not mass-produced… real, honest, beautiful, crafted with someone’s very own hands, from their heart… into our hands to touch our hearts.”

Alli gives us a little behind-the-scenes glimpse into her process. “I use a mix of glass paints, oil pastels and acrylic paints in my artworks. I allow the colours to choose their place and don’t ever think about what would look good or is the right colour to use next to others. I just dive in. I love the process, I find it exhilarating! I use brushes at times but most of the time when I start a new artwork, I work with my hands and fingers. I love forming the foundations with my own skin touching the new work area. My artworks are available as originals, custom commissions, high quality prints, art diaries, notebooks and beautiful greeting cards.”

Come in Trove to take home a piece of hope from Alli’s art. Please learn more about Diilhami on Trove’s Designer Profile page

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