Meet Our Designers: MilkBox

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Trove’s Designers and Artists from the Canberra region and all their gorgeous products are handmade.

MilkBox craft kits Tash tutus meet our designers trove canberradreamcatcher mailbox craft kits trove canberraPlease meet Tash from Milkbox. She designs and creates beautiful, high quality craft kits for girls and boys.

“Milkbox came about after I was dissatisfied with commercially available craft kits – they were either random items that I (& my daughter) had no idea what to do with or they were poor quality with glue that didn’t stick, dried out paint or simply didn’t work. Milkbox encourages creativity in kids by giving them the tools and direction to create something amazing while still having the freedom to use their imaginations. The sense of pride children gain from creating beautiful, usable items themselves inspires them to seek out further opportunities to be creative.” This is important Tash!

Fairy wand party mailbox craft kits trove canberraWe asked her what she likes about Canberra: “I love the weather (yes truly! Autumn is beautiful, Summer is warm and sunny but still cools off at night and Winter days are sunny). I love that Canberra is making a name for itself with handmade and, in general, it’s a really accepting, welcoming place to live.”

Behind the scenes at Milkbox we find Pirate Treasure Chest parties, Fairy Wand making and Tulle wrapping tools (see what we did there?). This is the most fun peak into a studio we’ve seen in along time. What a pleasure to find such lovely craft kits for children of all ages. Available for parties, groups, crafternoons or just rainy days. Well done Milkbox.

treasure chest party milkbox craft kits trove canberraCome in to Trove to take home a complete craft experience for your little treasures. Learn more on Milkbox’s Designer Profile Page.



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