After The Monsoon


My product is an expression of celebration. I celebrate colour, nature, creativity and simply surviving another day! ~ Wendy Moore

It all began…

Over thirty years ago I saw a face bead in a market. Wanting to make one started my journey…initially teaching myself, and then, reading books and eventually using the internet! I use any profit I make from selling my jewellery to fund my twice yearly trips to Nepal where I teach the women of Samunnat Nepal

Where did your name “After the Monsoon” come from?

I lived in Nepal for four years in the Terai area. Every year the monsoon was hot, sticky, and wet and sometimes hard to bear. But after the monsoon was fabulous…lush, fertile, a symphony of greens and vibrant colours.  If my creativity could be as abundant as after the monsoon, I would be a happy woman.

More about your products….

Everything I make is totally hand made and one of a kind. I work on small collections inspired by an idea, a phrase, a technique or a colour. I trust that everyone who wears a piece of my jewellery feels celebrated and loved.

The intricate designs on many of my pieces ARE NOT PAINTED but made using the millefiore technique.  Working with with polymer clay, a man made modelling material, I custom mix all my own colours and use a variety of techniques such as millefiore, texturing, surface treatments and mixed media to create the effect or mood I desire.  The pieces are baked, sometimes many times and may be altered again after baking with carving, sculpting, acrylic paints etc. 

One of the joys of polymer is that there is very little waste and I am committed to keeping my carbon footprint small.  I also spend more time teaching women in Nepal who are victims of violence to earn their own income than I do making my own stuff!

Wendy also offers Polymer Classes…..

Polymer is a fabulous medium because even after just one class you can walk out wearing something gorgeous you have made. Contact Wendy to learn more!!!

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