Upstyled Threads

Christine’s product range is created with recycled or reclaimed materials.

Christine says “my entire product range is influenced by my love of colour, passion for spending time outdoors and desire to look after the planet“.

Christine is keen to reduce our impact on the environment through using discarded clothing to create new items to wear.

The process of discovering and then transforming an unloved garment
into something fresh is so rewarding” she says.

Her Winter children’s range is created from refashioned wool jumpers. Christine says “I choose woollen jumpers to refashion as wool is a wonderful, sustainable, natural fibre with so many benefits for the wearer“. She is a firm believer in the old saying “there is no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing“.

Christine’s kids range allows kids to get outdoors year round and learn to love the environment through nature play. With a love of simple, elegant styling Christine’s adult range up-styles quality preloved garments with
Japanese inspired applique designs. Christine says “I have a weakness for Japanese design aesthetics and this shows in my applique designs and fabrics“.

An archaeologist by profession, Christine values evidence of human endeavour. Beautiful hand embroidered doilies are rescued and given new life as purses and bags. Each one is as individual as the woman who skilfully stitched the embroidery.

Conscious of not wasting fabric off cuts, Christine makes a range of Snuggle pet soft toys that are inspired by Australian animals. These toys are just the right size for small hands to grasp. Christine chooses bright, lightweight discarded fabrics for her range of reusable produce bags. These bags will bring a splash of colour to your shopping and help the war on waste.

The Upstyled Threads range is constantly evolving as Christine learns about her customers and discovers new ways to reuse existing resources.

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