Meet Our Designers: The Granny Square Conspiracy

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Trove’s Designers and Artists from the Canberra region and all their gorgeous products are handmade.


The GRanny Square Conspiracy Profile Picture

The Granny Square Conspiracy Profile Picture

Please meet Kristen, the face of The Granny Square Conspiracy at Trove.

The Granny Square Conspiracy Crocheting on the bus!The Granny Square Conspiracy love to make stuff! Especially when it is bright, colourful, unexpected and fun! Chief Conspirator, Kristen, has been making stuff in Canberra buses, cafes and parks since she moved here in 2012. She loves all sorts of crafts, but her first love is crochet. “All you need is a hook and some string,” she told us, “and basically anywhere in the world can be your studio. Your imagination is your only limitation.”

Kristen’s favourite thing about Canberra is all the incredible people who live here and all the amazing things they are doing. “There’s always something exciting going on that I’m busting to be a part of; a festival, an exhibition, a workshop, a show, ” she says. And Kristen doesn’t just go to events, she runs them too! “I can’t wait for World Knit in Public Day at Trove on 10 June. There’ll be tea and coffee, and of course, lots of lovely knitters and crocheters, sharing needles and touching each other’s yarn.” We hope you’ll come too!

The Granny Square Conspiracy inspiration garden

The Granny Square Conspiracy inspiration garden

Chief Conspirator at The Granny Square Conspiracy, Kristen, hates being told what to do. So she never follows a pattern when she makes her crochet cacti and toadstools. “It means each one is its own unique creation. Sometimes they even surprise me!” Kristen is always finding new shape and colour inspiration, online or in gardens, and looking for new challenges. We can’t wait to see what happens next!

Come in to Trove to see what conspiracies have popped up.  Please learn more about The Granny Square Conspiracy on their Designer profile page




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