Acorn Crafts

I am Geoff from Acorn Crafts. I began making things when I was a young boy and continued into adulthood. Living in postwar Australia taught us all to be resourceful with what we had. If you wanted a toy you made it! Later on I had a shed under the house when we lived in Wagga. I made all sorts of things, especially boxes – hundreds of them. I have also made children’s furniture and 3 canoes.

I purchased a lathe and began turning bowls, cups, buttons, rolling pins and candle holders. I really enjoyed making pocket knife holders for friends and family and I also started leatherwork.

I saw my first wooden chain as a young boy in Beechworth. It fascinated me, so I set about working out how it was made. I love whittling (I could do this for hours, it’s very relaxing). I have made hundreds of chains in all different types of wood.

We moved to Canberra in 2006 and I retired in 2010. My workshop shed and woodwork keep me busy. I never envisioned I would be making things to sell, I just love making them for the pure joy of it. The design process is a challenge and the making process is fun and relaxing. Some designs can be a puzzle to solve (like the link necklace). I love seeing the end product and to have my handmade products enjoyed by friends and family gives me a good feeling.