Bursaria Workshop

Abby is the designer and printmaker behind Bursaria Workshop. After more than ten years studying and working in Sydney, she and her family relocated to a property at the edge of the Deua National Park, not far from Canberra.

Abby says, “Living in a home surrounded by the bush I became acutely aware of the rhythms of nature. Close inspection of everyday things often reveals something beautiful and creative inspiration is never far away. Plants, animals and forms in nature all inspire my work, along with a love of colour and contemporary design.

I combine traditional and digital image-making techniques in my work, finding a balance between pencil & paper and my computer screen.”

Bursaria Workshop developed as a way to bring Abby’s designs to life in a range of thoughtfully made, environmentally responsible products. Screen printed by hand, each product is made in small batches and some are one-of-kind. Bursaria Workshop uses organic or up-cycled fabrics whenever possible.

The idea of ‘buying less but buying better’ aligns closely with the Bursaria Workshop philosophy – made by hand, made locally and made with materials that have been sustainably produced.

By the way, Bursaria is a prickly bush that grows throughout large areas of Australia. It appears downright spiky but a closer look reveals wonderful fragrant flowers, beautiful purse-shaped seedpods and tiny bird nests hidden in the spikes.