Game Candy

Game Candy designs and makes 3D printed products. The product range includes lamps, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, cufflinks, key rings, portraits, game components and home wares. All products are printed using biodegradable PLA (compostable, not recyclable).

 Game Candy is run by David Jacquier, who retired from soil science after 25 years with CSIRO. David took the opportunity to step out of scientific research when CSIRO’s priorities shifted (less about public good research and more focussed on production outcomes) and the organisation downsized. He has branched out over the last 2 years and currently works for Oxfam Australia, The Games Capital, Lifeline (telephone counsellor), and more recently founded Game Candy.

David has closely watched the developments in 3D printing technology and decided to jump in last year, when the technology had matured and entry price point for a versatile printer became affordable to him. His passion for board gaming and desire to produce customised board game components sparked off his investigation of 3D printing options – hence the name “Game Candy”. The great diversity of available printing filaments (80% brass, copper, bronze and steel, wood particle infused, flexible, carbon fibre, water soluble, and opaque and translucent coloured filaments) has led to serious experimentation and the development of a wide range of Game Candy products.

David is particularly interested in collaborating with other designers and artists, and is keen to work the closely with customers to customise his products to suit individual needs.

David can be contacted at: