Happy JP Designs

Az is from Japan who now loves living in Australia. When she migrated she brought her lifelong passion for making things with her. She says, “I have always been interested in all sorts of art and design since I was a little girl growing up in Japan. When I was 9, I knitted a scarf and I still have it! Although the width of the scarf is not even and the edges of it are wavy, I loved making it anyway. When living in Tanzania I discovered pottery and when I moved to Australia to study Interior design I did pottery as my hobby. I also love Ikibana, the Japanese art of flower arrangement."

Now she makes Mizuhiki Jewllery.

MIZUHIKI is the Japanese traditional art of using coloured paper cord to decorate gifts, particularly traditional engagement gifts from the groom's family to the bride's family. More recently, beautiful coloured thread wrapped around the paper cord has added to the range of materials available and Mizuhiki techniques are now used to make other products such as jewellery and hair accessories. 
"I love the learning process of Mizuhiki with each new knot opening up a world of new designs and possibilities. Mizuhiki is a very portable art, I can carry a small box with me and in a spare moment I can relax doing my favourite thing. When you come in to Trove I'm likely to have some of my work in progress with me. Please feel free to ask about Mizuhiki techniques and what I'm currenly making."