In 2016 my partner and I moved from Sydney to Braidwood in the Southern Tablelands to live surrounded by nature on a 100 acre bushblock. We have since built an off-grid home and joinery workshop, extensive vegetable garden and orchard allowing us to live more self-sufficiently. Moving to the country has enabled us to broaden our skills and embrace the wealth of natural materials available to us. While my partner continues to produce hospitality timber fit-outs www.beclau.com

I have also caught the woodworking bug!

Timber is such a beautiful material. It's versatile, sustainable, durable and it feels good. Determined not to create more waste I make functional items, that can be enjoyed and used every day, from off-cuts and timber we harvest from our own forest. Working with these materials may take more time and imagination, but the resulting products are all the more special and rewarding. When I have some spare time I indulge in making one-off artworks inspired by nature.

I hope you will enjoy my hand-crafted pieces and thank you for supporting low-footprint, locally made craftswomanship.