Pearl's Natural Candle

Hi. I am Pearl Shin. I have worked as a Graphic designer for 10 years, Chef as 3 years and now I am working as a Soy candle designer.

I have created a brand name called Pearls Natural Candle, established in October 2017. The reason I have made an individual soy candle brand despite there are already many existing brands is because my brand is ‘unique’. When I first began making candles in 2011, I loved the idea of making healthy candles. As an experienced designer and chef, I started to naturally develop new ideas to make the current brand exist.

I think it is great to add humour and individuality to the display items that are surrounding us in our everyday lives and to have an extra function of a candle. It is my motto to make these candles unique and healthy.

Pearls natural candle is not a mass production company. It is an art candle created from my personal inspiration.

I am inspired by many things in life. It can be when I find a pretty cup on the street and think of new design ideas, as I am eating cupcakes, when I eat parfait and even when I smell something nice and think of new ideas. As I mostly work on projects based on my inspiration, there are various types and numbers available for each design. For this reason, unless it is a pillar candle, you may not be able to get the same design every time. As the candles are all made through this process, it may not be as inexpensive as you have imagined.

*Pearl’s candle seek for naturalism.

As all the ingredients are selected to be as close to natural as possible. I do not produce any paraffin wax or gel candles.

Pearls natural candle is hand poured top quality natural soy wax & bees wax.

For the variety, I use Essential oil as well as Fragrance oil which are premium level which are IFRA standards and are phthalate free.

Thank you for reading about Pearl’s natural candle. I will always try to make a unique brand full of humour and individuality.