Privacy Policy

Use of Information

Trove Canberra will not share, sell or disclose any of your personal information to third parties without your consent. This includes your name, business name, email or postal address, phone number or any other information you provide to us.

Trove Canberra will use any information you provide for running of the cooperative and associated services only, e.g. process improvement and development, registering and recording member contact details, application processing and authenticating identification.

We use the MailChimp mail service to manage our electronic mailing list.


The Trove Canberra website uses cookies to record visitor use of the site.


Trove may take photographs at public events. These and product photographs provided to Trove Canberra in the application process or shared on public social media accounts may be used for marketing purposes online or in print media.


All online transactions are handled securely via PayPal. In store credit card transactions are handled securely via our bank issued Eftpos system. We do not store your credit card information.

Communication with Members

Trove Canberra uses email as its primary means of contact. In some cases Trove may use phone, SMS or post to communicate issues regarding expressions of interest, applications or membership. This could include information about the store or your products, changes at Trove Canberra or items of interest concerning your business. Trove will not use these means for spam or advertising. The primary means of communication between members is our private Facebook group.

Trove Canberra reserves the right to change or modify this privacy statement at any time.