52 cm Black leather cord pendant - pink blossom knot

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Black leather cord mizuhiki charm pendant - Plum blossom knot

* 6 Japanese Mizuhiki cords as photos, Plum flower knot charm pendant
* about 52cm black leather cord with 5cm adjustable chain (since leather cord is a natural material, please note that it is sometimes not smoothly straight)
* Mizuhiki paper cords wrapped with fine colour thread imported from Japan
* Since items are individually hand made, the sizes may be slightly varied. The diameter of "Ume" (plum blossom) is approximately 4cm

What is Japanese Mizuhiki?
Mizuhiki art is a traditional Japanese art, using Mizuhiki paper cord. Yes, they are made of  paper. The core of Mizuhiki cord is twisted paper and then dyed or wrapped with coloured thread, then knotted into shapes. This technique has been used for centuries for gift wrapping decorations including gorgeous engagement gifts from the groom's family to the bride's family, and for gift money envelopes. The simple white paper cord is also used to tie a Samurai's and Sumo wrestler's top knot! 

Please be aware Mizuhiki items should be kept away from water and rain since the cords are made of paper.