Hair tie elastic

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Japanese design hair tie made of Japanese Mizuhiki paper cords

* black
* blue
* purple
* pink
* sparkly white

Mizuhiki (水引) art is a traditional Japanese art, using Mizuhiki paper cord which is knotted into shapes. The Mizuhiki cord is created from paper that is tightly wound, starched to give it stiffness, and then coloured. Therefore although it is made of paper, Mizuhiki cord is very light and strong. These colourful cords are commonly used to decorate money envelopes for special occasions such as engagements & weddings. happy JP designs imports Mizuhiki cords from Japan and most of our Mizuhiki cords are wrapped with fine coloured thread, so it doesn't look like it is made of paper. Tying knots has lots of symbolism, such as "tie the knot", "heart to heart", "appreciation of your kindness", "congratulations" and so on. Az, the maker of happy JP designs, knots by hand one by one, with the wish that people who wear these items will be "happy"

Please be aware Mizuhiki items should be kept away from water and rain since the cords are made of paper.