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These little tins are the perfect way to try a new scent. Each candle burns for 10+ hours and has a strong scent throw. They are made in a small batches in our Canberra studio, using many original faragrances that you won't find anywhere else. 

Lucian only use soy wax and natural fragrances, so your home is safe from harmful chemicals. With their lasting scent and long burn time, your house will be visitor ready at a moments notice. These tins are perfect addition for a small 'thank you'  gift, for yourself or a special someone. 

According to our most recent sales data, the 2020 favourites have been Green Tea & Basil, Watermelon & Eucalyptus, Mandarin & Sandalwood, Mulberry & Sandalwood and Dusty Rose. Our range of scents include:

-French Vanilla: A soft buttery scent with earthy notes of sandalwood

-French Pear: Cinnamon & baked fruit with a soft hint of vanilla

-Lime & Coconut: A fruity citrus number, with a not so subtle beach vibe

-Mulberry & Sandalwood: Warm summer berries paired with earthy sandalwood notes

-Mandarin & Sandalwood: A light and fruity scent is sweet memories of laughter, freedom and the outdoors

-Dusty Rose: A unique and musky rose, with smoky hints of patchouli.

-Green Tea & Basil: A steaming brew of fresh garden greens, with a hint of sweetness.

-Jasmine & Honeysuckle: A whimsical evening walk in a garden in full bloom.

-Lavender: The smell of fields of French cade lavender after a spring shower.

-Pine Grove: A walk along a forest path, fresh pine needles crunching beneath your feet.

-Sweet Juniper: is clean linen, freshness with a hint of crisp winter berries.

Watermelon & Eucalyptus: Australian summer, hot afternoons under a gum tree eating juicy summer fruits.