Workshop in Watson 11th July 10am, 2 pairs of earrings

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Happy JP Designs will begin in-person workshops in Watson

This is "workshop" application. You need to leave both of your contact phone number and email address, so that Az from happy JP designs can contact you about the details. She will contact you in the beginning of July.

Date: 11th July 2022 10AM (duration: about 2 hours)

Venue: Watson (exact address will be informed after you book the workshop)

What we make: 2 pairs of earrings with your colour choice



Mizuhiki is a traditional Japanese art, using a Mizuhiki paper cord. Yes, they are made of paper! The core of the Mizuhiki cord is twisted paper and then dyed or wrapped with coloured thread, then knotted into shapes.

This technique has been used for centuries for gift giving decorations including gorgeous engagement gifts, and for gift money envelopes. It is even used to tie a Samurai’s and Sumo wrestler’s top knot!

In this fun class, you'll learn how to tie basic knots (two types of knots) that will transform simple Mizuhiki cords into two pairs of beautiful earrings that you can take home. The first pair (very basic knot) and the second pair (one more step than the first pair) are two different designs.

Az will demonstrate how the Mizuhiki cord is used to produce gift giving for special occasions. Tying knots has lots of symbolic meanings in Japanese culture, such as "tie the knot" "heart to heart" "appreciation of your kindness" "congratulations" and so on. So they are also perfect gift ideas for weddings, paper anniversaries (first wedding anniversary) and to give to close friends.

Mizuhiki items are not only beautiful to wear but also very light and strong. It is very easy to wear these earrings for long hours without having sore ears. Come along and make some beautiful earrings with us!

* The exact address of the venue will be informed after your booking. It will be in Watson ACT

Knowledge required
Perfect for beginners.
What you'll get
  • Two pairs of finished earrings for yourself or as a gift to a friend during the class
  • Two printed paper of how to make two types of basic knots
  • URL of making knots videos
What to bring
Please wear a mask, we may need to get close when demonstrating a knot. Everything else will be provided but

  • A pair of scissors
  • A pen (use the side of the pen as a tool)