Spotlight On Our Designers: The WorldRocks! Jewelry Design

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Trove’s Designers and Artists from the Canberra region and all their gorgeous products are handmade.

Cindy Verheul profile, The World Rocks! Jewelry Design

We believe in all the products on offer at Trove but the products only tell part of the story. Are you interested in the people behind your favourite handmade products? We shine a spotlight on our artists for you. Here we go:

smokey quartz fine silver stud earringsWe’ve met Cindy from The World Rocks! Jewelry Design before, now we want to know “why rocks?”. “I have a life-long fascination with gems and stones. The colours and the smoothness of a polished stone draw me in. When my husband and I lived in the Middle East and started travelling, my souvenirs were always, stones, beads, shells or ethnic treasures. I fell in love with the Afghani traders at the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, their stones and their stories. I started noticing that stones and gems have amazing stories, all over the world. For instance: the Inuit in Canada believe that Labradorite is the Northern Lights trapped in stone! I can’t get enough of these stories and I keep finding new, impossibly beautiful stones wherever we go including Australia, with your Chrysoprase, Opals and Sapphires to name a few. I think that rocks! Hence, The World Rocks!”

What can you tell us about your work that we might not know? “I make all my own silver findings, from the Sterling ear wires to studs, clasps and most chains. I also make many Silver pieces out of a Recycled Silver Clay. The Silver is recycled from old film and x-rays. I love the stuff. It is wet like regular clay. I can mold it, carve it, I can even emboss and cut it with the Silhouette cutter. I fire it in the kiln and it comes out as pure silver.  That is, 999 silver vs 925 (of 1000 parts) for Sterling Silver. It feels like magic.

I can’t make gold and rose gold findings so I purchase them from jewellery supply houses in Thailand, Turkey, Poland or Israel. The term for them is “Vermeil”;  a thick coating of Gold over Sterling Silver. I feel this is a good product because you still have a precious metal and it is still non allergenic.”

fine silver dandelion pendant

handmade silver claspsCome in to Trove to pick up a piece of Cindy’s adventure, and if she happens to be in that day,  share the story of the stone or piece you are looking at. Please see more about The World Rocks! Jewelry Design on the Trove Designer Profile page.


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