Spotlight On Our Designers: Makico. Happy Creations

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Trove’s Designers and Artists from the Canberra region and all their gorgeous products are handmade

We believe in all the products on offer at Trove but the products only tell part of the story. Are you interested in the people behind your favourite handmade products? We shine a spotlight on our artists for you. Here we go:


Makico.happy creations profile picture

Makico.happy creations

Makiko, beautifully happy and wonderfully inspired, shares the ancient Japanese art of Origami with us. We asked her what the motivation behind the creation and sharing of her art is: “makico.happy creations is designed help lead you back to an exceptionally important part of life: Being happy. I believe, whatever happens, you deserve to be happy. I am certain that focusing on simple things brings happiness to us. When we are happy, we encourage other people to be happy. As a result, we all spend life in a more joyful world.”

makico.happy creations origami koala bear

makico.happy creations origami koala bear

“Folding origami paper transports me to my happy place. It takes me back to wonderful childhood memories; I used to visit my grandfather on the way home from primary school. He is a master of Origami. He enjoys making nature inspired origami creations and loved teaching me. We both delighted in the hours spent together with our common passion. Now, I enjoy creating and designing Origami myself and with my children. I hope I give them the same happy memories I am so blessed to have.

makico.happy creations silver metal clay koala bear earrings

makico.happy creations silver metal clay koala bear earrings

What I am excited about now, is translating Origami into new materials. Silver metal clay (a recycled Japanese product, by the way), in a paper form, has a lot of potential. You may see new, silver clay products soon! Watch this space.” Thank you Makiko. Bring a small piece of happiness to yourself or a loved one with a Makico.happy creations piece from Trove. Learn more on her Trove Designer profile web page .


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