Spotlight On Our Designers: Wombat and Poss

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Trove’s Designers and Artists from the Canberra region and all their gorgeous products are handmade

We believe in all the products on offer at Trove but the products only tell part of the story. Are you interested in the people behind your favourite handmade products? We shine a spotlight on our artists for you. Here we go:

Kylie from Wombat and Poss

Kylie from Wombat and Poss

Kylie, a lover of all things handmade, homegrown and earth friendly, is the designer and creative spirit behind Wombat and Poss – “I love creating clothing that allows children to play and have fun! My range is designed to be durable. Fabrics and fibres chosen have a low environmental footprint wherever possible. I’m inspired by our Australian environment and am devoted to incorporating ‘Australiana’ into my work to encourage

fingerless gloves in progress

fingerless gloves in progress

appreciation of our unique animals and plants. Japanese and Scandinavian designs have strong influences on my work as well, so you also see these cultures showcased in my designs.

I am lucky to have been taught to knit and sew by family members over the years; consequently, I have knitted and sewn since I was a child. I feel a real connection with family as I craft my garments, and I like the idea that I’m using age-old processes and techniques. It’s lovely knowing people are starting to appreciate the skill and effort involved in handmade items of all kinds. I teach my children how to make things to continue passing on the knowledge.”

Tell us something we don’t know please:

“I am a scientist by training, and in one of my first jobs, I studied our beautiful Australian wool at CSIRO. Not only is it a renewable, natural fibre, but it also has some releases heat when it gets wet, which helps keep you warm in the rain, yet it can help keep you cool in summer. Fine wool is perfect for babies with eczema as it’s gentle and breathable.

There are several small wool producers in Australia, particularly with fine organic wool. I enjoy seeking out these small suppliers and supporting them. I think people are starting to realise

Wombat and Poss Magpie print dress

Wombat and Poss Magpie print dress

It’s the same with cotton! Sadly so much cotton is produced in appalling conditions for the workers and the environment, and fair-trade organic cotton is an ethical alternative. There is a lot more organic cotton available than when I started sewing, with beautiful patterns, colours and quality and it’s wonderful to use.”

Come into Trove to pick up a piece of Kylie’s, good-for-your-kids and Australia, children’s wear; you can’t go wrong. Please see more about Wombat and Poss on the Trove Designer Profile page.




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