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Meet Our Designers: Stonecrest Creations by Janice Laurent

Stonecrest Creations by Janice Laurent profile

Meet Our Designers is a regular feature. Each week one of Trove’s members is featured on our social media and here on our news pages. Follow Trove on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to stay up-to-date.

Trove’s Designers and Artists from the Canberra region and all their gorgeous products are handmade.

Stonecrest Creations by Janice Laurent profile Please meet Janice from Stonecrest Creations. Janice is one of three sculptors in “The Sculptors” group at Trove. Her passion has always been art dolls which she has morphed (or should I say “sculpted”?) into extraordinary clay creations. Janice started with dress making, specializing in wedding dresses and designing for a ballet company, which led to dramatic, theatrical art dolls. Eventually she added clay and beads to her dolls which, in turn, led to dolls made entirely of clay and from there to garden statues and sculptures.

Stonecrest Creations Ceramic Hare Garden Sculpture

Janice’s home and studio are in Murrumbateman. We asked her what she loves about living in Murrumbateman: “Living in such a peaceful environment inspires my work undoubtedly. I enjoy the birdlife and native bush that surrounds my studio and it shows in my sculptures. Students say they can feel the peace and tranquility here. That’s what I aim for when teaching, as when you relax with like minded people, you can create, and create they do.

Murrumbateman is a lovely community dotted with wineries, restaurants and some very talented artists who also show their work in Canberra and surrounds. The village itself has a great feel and is a wonderful place for afternoon tea at the local bakery or cafe.”

Stonecrest Creations Ceramic Bathing BeautyFinishing our week with Janice and Stonecrest Creations we bring you a little look into the processes Janice may employ in the creation of her one-of-a-kind art. Creations start with a prop, sketch, or a wire armature and sketch.  “I build up on the armature or prop with foil then cover with clay of choice. I then sculpt the face hands and other limbs. Once the bodies are done and painted, I decide on the clothing. Sometimes his takes weeks as I may do a lot of beading. I mainly attach the beads and trims on with Apoxy Sculpt, which is a 2-part cement used by many doll artists now.

I do not have a particular style, I experiment with lots of clays and mediums. I love change. I do not repeat unless I am asked to and, of course, can never replicate a piece exactly. I am currently dabbling in ceramic clay and Pal Tiya clay for large outside sculptures. I want to make our large garden a showpiece of my work and create interesting hideaways for others to find.”

Find your own one-off piece of magic from Stonecrest Creations at Trove now and please learn more on The Sculptors Designer Profile page.




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