Trove and the DESIGN Canberra Festival 2018

Design Canberra Festival 2018

Trove Workshops for DESIGN Canberra

Trove Canberra is very excited to be partnering with DESIGN Canberra Festival again this year. Trove members will be leading seven interactive and intimate workshops on all the things they have learned running their creative businesses.

Ever wondered how you might price the things you make? Is wordpress a total mystery to you? Not sure what a hashtag is or if you need one? Whatever your question, we have a workshop to help answer it. We'll also be holding a Q&A session with four of our members, so we can answer all the questions you never knew who to ask.

The workshops are:

11 November: Creative Business Q&A

Trove Canberra is a cooperative of artists, designers and makers local to the Canberra region. We are on a mission to foster creativity and entrepreneurship, nurture a supportive, friendly and fun creative community and provide an affordable venue for Canberrans to showcase and sell their works and teach their skills. Light refreshments will be provided.

6 November: Getting Started on Instagram for Creatives

Instagram can be a great way to promote your handmade products and connect with the community, but it can be confusing at first. Join Trove Canberra member, Kylie of Wombat and Poss as she steps you through the basics – how to create an account, how to post, like and share, what to post and when and using hashtags. Bring along your smart phone to get set up and get started!

7 November: A Beginners' Guide to Selling on Etsy

Do you make gorgeous handmade items? Are they accumulating in your cupboard now that EVERY one of your friends and family have one? Is it time to dip your toe into the world of online selling but you have NO clue where to start? Or maybe you have opened your shop and since then, well .... crickets. Then this workshop is for you. Trove Canberra member Rebecca of Blue Radish will help you learn how to open your Etsy shop, create a listing, write titles, tags and descriptions that will get your item found, level up your photography for selling online and more.

8 November: Pricing Handmade Products

Unsure how to price your handmade products, and what they are really worth? You are not alone! Trove Canberra member, Theresa from ‘a little bird made me’ invites you to learn about the theory and techniques for pricing handmade. Theresa has 5 years’ experience running her own handmade business, and has mentored many designers through this process so can support you to understand the financial, practical and ethical questions. Feel free to bring along some of your work so we can consider an example together.

10 November: Product Photography Without The Hassle

Creating beautiful product photos doesn’t have to be hard. Join Trove Canberra member, Kylie of Wombat and Poss to learn some simple tricks to get the best performance out of our smart phone camera, and how to use natural light and composition to make your products look amazing. Bring along your phone and some of your products (if available) to test the ideas out on the day.

14 November: Handmade Business

Thinking about getting started on a handmade business? Or have a hobby you think could be so much more? Trove Canberra member Kellyanne of Lex and Lou would like to invite you to learn what she knows now that she didn't know when she started. It's been 2 years since Kellyanne's passion for making clothes for her daughter turned from a hobby into a small business. Learn what to do - and what not to do - as you begin your handmade journey.

20 November: Getting Ready For Your First Market

Selling at a market can be a great way to get your product out there, connect with your customer and build your brand. But there’s a few things you should know before you start. Trove Canberra members Katrina of Little Red Lullaby and Kellyanne of Lex and Lou will give you the lowdown on how to get ready, what you will need, getting your display right and what to do on the day.

21 November: Getting Started On WordPress

If you have a beautiful product to promote, you need a home on the web. Maybe you have been dreaming of creating your own gorgeous website but the "behind-the-scenes" of the online world is all a mystery to you. Maybe you've heard that it is expensive or that you have to be 'technically minded' or need to know HTML. In this workshop Trove Canberra member Rebecca of Blue Radish will bust these myths and show you how WordPress can be a cost effective and accessible way to build yourself an online presence. We'll step through how to do it from the very beginning.

Tickets are available on To book into the Q&A click here. To book in for the workshops click here.

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