About Us

Trove Canberra is a cooperative of artists, designers and makers local to the Canberra region with a gorgeous shopfront in Dickson.

Our vision is to be a leader in Canberra's creative community, fostering creativity and entrepreneurship at the local level. Our mission is to provide an affordable venue for local Canberra artists, makers and designers to sell their high quality, locally created goods to customers, while nurturing a supportive, friendly and fun creative community for Canberra.

All products in our shop are locally designed and made. Our members work in a diverse range of mediums and create a wide selection of products which cater to a broad range of customers. Visit our designer gallery to see more of our work.

The Trove Canberra Cooperative Ltd was established in 2014 by a group of Canberra region crafts-people. The idea of opening our own brick and mortar shop, selling handmade goods where we could interact face-to-face with our customers was enticing. We registered as a not-for-profit cooperative and set up our first store in the (now demolished) Lonsdale Street Traders in Braddon in August 2014. Moving from our Gold Creek site and opening a new Civic store in May 2016 marked the beginning of an exciting period of growth for Trove.

Now, fast-forward eight years, and Trove Canberra is a thriving, creative community of makers who have big plans for the future. In May 2019 Trove Canberra moved to its current location in Dickson, Canberra’s vibrant restaurant and cafe district where it has continued to thrive.

We are always keen to hear from local artists, designers and crafts-people who are interested in becoming a member of the Trove Canberra Cooperative. Find all the information you need on our Apply to Trove page.