Fifth Season Artworks

I have lived in Canberra for 15 years and have recently moved just over the border to Queanbeyan. I am a multi-media artist working over printmaking, collage and painting. I create some of my art at Megalo Print Studios in Canberra. Lithography is my new passion and has taken my art practice to the next level. It is a very challenging print medium.

I am inspired by Canberra and surrounds. It’s landscapes and brutalist architecture. Kind of opposing inspirations but where I can explore the softness of a Winter in Canberra, in an oil painting. To the strong lines of a building like Manuka Pool or the James Turrell ‘Skyspace’ at the NGA, through a lino print or collage.

I joined Trove in May 2016 (with a little break during 2023).