Dissonance is a Canberra-based fashion label created by Annette Clarke. I design, pattern make and sew everything myself from my small home studio.

Blurring the lines of fashion, music and art gives Dissonance a distinctive and unique touch. Dissonance products show a theatrical approach to design, not only being something worn but taking a concept and exploring it through design.

While studying, I explored the ideas of sculptural pattern-making, thinking about the body and the interaction of this and the garment. After graduating from Canberra Institute of Technology with a Bachelor of Design (Fashion) I continued exploring the relationships between the wearer (body) and the garments.

I am really inspired by Japanese designers and patternmakers in my commercial garments. I use a lot of drape in my garments which transforms them when put onto the body. I love exploring textures and interesting fabrics throughout my work.

I take custom orders and work with the client to create something which they will love and treasure. 

I create innovative conceptual fashion for Dissonance for the confident woman looking for a point of difference to set her apart from mainstream fashion. 

Fashion is art. Art is fashion!