Canberra's Handmade Co-operative

Handmade and bespoke treasures crafted in Canberra by local makers and artisans.

Our ever-changing shelves are filled with one-of-a-kind creations, household staples, luxurious consumables, and more.

We showcase ceramics, jewellery, baby clothes and fashion clothing, candles, bath and body, homewares, DIY kits, original and print art, knit creations, blown glass, woodworking creations, and more. Unique gifts, artistic inspirations, and sustainable options – we have them all.

Hand poured, hand painted, hand sewn, you'll notice the quality and craftsmanship in our locally made goods. Immerse all your senses at our Dickson shopfront in Canberra.

Face masks

We have some fabric face masks available in a range of sizes. Individual makers may also have masks to buy in their online stores:
Wombat and Poss