Museum of Me

Museum of Me produced by HKJ is an invitation into the life and history of HKJ as expressed through watercolour paintings and other mediums as the journey unfolds. Each work is an intimate reflection on her past, present, and future.

HKJ uses Museum of Me to catalogue and bring you on the journey of her favourite places and things with a focus on natural elements. Prints, postcards, cards, originals, and at times specialised framed works will be available. Seasonal and experimental items will be available on occasion.

Often seeing the beauty in her direct surrounds, HKJ's garden and the creatures she encounters there often appear in her work. Reconnecting with her roots, discovering delight, and finding healing in the simplest of things is a reoccurring theme in the Museum of Me.

Being both a migrant and a woman with psychological disability she plans to create work that includes those perspectives. The Museum of Me is now open, welcome.

instagram: @Hkj_Creative

All Museum of Me prints and cards are printed with EcoPrints who use recycled paper with specialised ink that reduces water waste and plants a tree per order.