Wash cloth - grey cockatoos

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Let’s face it, babies are cute but they certainly can create a LOT of mess! You’ll always feel prepared with a few of these wash cloths on hand. Keep a few in your nappy or hand-bag for those inevitable messy occasions when you are out-and-about with baby.

They are indispensable items for any new parent and are always a welcome baby shower or newborn gift as you can never have too many! The bright and funky fabrics are cheery and can bring a smile to your face even when you’ve got a major mess to deal with.

Use them dry or dampen with water for an environmentally friendly and cheaper alternative to disposable wipes.

They’re also great for toddlers and children during bath-time, wiping hands before eating, cleaning up after meals and wiping faces.

I hand-make my wash cloths from a base of super absorbent organic cotton and hemp knitted fleece, layered with cotton fabric on the front. They are top-stitched around the edge and diagonally across the front for a professional and durable finish.

They are very long lasting and durable and are fully machine washable making them easy care. Just pop them in the wash time and time again.

As well as being environmentally responsible, they will save you money in the long run over disposable wipes and cloths. They are thick, soft and luxurious, and no, your fingernails won’t poke a hole in the cloth like they can with disposable wipes (eeew!).

- Hand-made with care from quality fabrics
- Long lasting and durable - top-stitched so they last and last
- Money saving and earth-friendly compared with disposable wipes
- Free from synthetic chemicals
- Easy care - fully machine washable
- Fast-drying, yet beautifully absorbent

Wash cloths measure approx. 22 x 22 cm (8.5 x 8.5 inches) square.

Machine wash
Line dry
Warm iron if required